west coast cure


Minimum quantity ordered 10 carts: $350

Available Strains:



-Abricot gelato

-Purple reaper

-Organic OG

-Elmer’s glue

-Ghost OG

-Lemon tree

-Wedding cake


-Moby dick

-Chocolate glue

-Purple glue

-Cookies 42

-Fire OG

-Do si dos

-Reckless Rainbow

-Birthday cake

-Ice cream cake

-Orange cookies


-Grape Ape

-Skywalker Og

-Citrus punch

-NYC Sours

-Purple Rain

-Paris OG

-Double Dream



buy west coast cure


buy west coast cure  .Firstly ,West Coast Cure carts originated in California’s underground, or traditional, market. And that’s where they remain to this day.

Weed vapes are one of the fastest growing segments of the nation’s new legal cannabis industry.  So, it’s a good idea to know where your weed vapes come from as well as what is in them.

And while the reviews on Reddit claim its products taste OK and can get someone decently buzzed, those products aren’t licensed. Meaning they are not legal and they are not regularly lab test. We call them “fake.”

On top of that, West Coast Cure is the first unlicensed weed vape brand directly connected to a death in California caused by vaping-associated pulmonary injury (VAPI), a mysterious illness that’s hospitalized nearly 2,000 people and killed 40. While authorities still don’t know what’s causing VAPI, the CDC suspects that black market weed vapes are the likely culprits.

Did you pick up some West Coast Cure carts recently? If the packaging doesn’t have a sticker with the batch’s lab test results — with info like THC or terpene content — then they’re likely fakes.

The easiest way to connect with customers is through a website. Yet West Coast Cure only has social media accounts. And its Instagram account is set to private — what legit business does that? Typically, licensed vape companies, especially in California, will not only have a website, they’ll also include a list or map of all their authorized retailers. That way, you’ll know which pot shops are carrying legit, lab-test vape products and which ones aren’t.


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