OG Kush


The buds in this batch of Northern Lights are beautifully grown, sticky, dense, and extremely delicate. The smell is nothing to brag about but the buds have a lemon-zest scent. The smoke produced by Northern Lights is smooth, earthy, with an after-taste of pine.

Buy skywalker og strain

buy skywalker OG strain

Strain Name: OG Kush

Grade: A

Type: Indica

Looks: Many Different shades of Bright Green, dense, small, circular, popcorn-sized nugs, many orange hairs, and Huge crystals. skywalker OG Kush for sale

Smell: Very Very Distinct. Extremely Floral (A hint of Rose), Pungent (Almost burns my nostrils). Nothing else like it. buy OG strain online

Taste: Extremely Smooth. Thick, milky white smoke. buy fire OG strain online

Effects: Tolerance is not a factor. True California OG Marijuana will have anyone Blown. As a resident of CA, I’ve smoked the finest. But OG Weed from the lovely city of Los Angeles is THE BEST shit I’ve ever achieved. buy banana OG strain

Potency: 10/10 Depending on how much you smoke of regular shit, cut that amount in half, then again, that is how much OG you should smoke if you don’t want to be straight trippin’ out.

Good Strain For Anyone and Anything.


OG Kush has been bred with many west coast marijuana strains and is sometimes called the genetic backbone of the area. The origins are actually unknown, although countless “kush” strains have heritage from this genetically superior breed. Leafly suggests that Chemdawg and the Hindu Kush were the parents of OG Kush but some experts wonder if that’s true because it has been around since the 1990s in Florida, Colorado, and Southern California.

Outdoor gardens tend to finish in early October with roughly a 56-day flowering cycle with a medium-sized yield. The plant thrives in planter boxes or very large pots and needs a dry climate.

Dominant Origins


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